11 January 2016


This morning I woke up the very sad news that David Bowie has passed away. I had to have a moment to myself as it bought a tear to my eye. I've been a big fan ever since the Ziggy days and I don't think there has been a week over many years that I haven't played a Bowie track.

My favourite Bowie tune? How on earth do you choose? It could be Time or Five Years or Starman or Heros or the cover of Velvet Undergrounds White Light / White Heat. In fact it could almost be anything he did back in the 70's!

A tragic loss - his music will live on forever.

01 January 2016


For a limited time only, until January 28th I’m having a sale at the studio (38, Market Street, Ely).
Lots of Landscape photographs, both framed and mounted at daft prices.