18 January 2014

The SWPP Convention

I spent the day yesterday at the SWPP convention in London. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is 'thee' place to be for any serious photographer. It's proper title is The Societies Convention 2014, as they changed their name from the SWPP a couple of years back, but I think most of us, especially us seasoned professionals who have been members for a number of years still refer to it (and them) as THE SWPP which stands for The Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers.
Normally, as in past years I would have spent two or three days there, but unfortunately, or fortunately for my business, depending on which way I look at it, due to other commitments I was only able to do the one day this year.
Why is it 'thee' place to be? Well there are lots of reasons some of which I am going to explain now. These are not in any particular order and there are probably lots more I haven't mentioned. All the best wedding, portrait and other photographers will be there. Not just from the UK but from all over the world. They are all a good bunch, willing to impart their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with other attendees, sometimes in a more formal approach such as the wide variety of seminars on offer, and sometimes in the bar over a drink (or two). All the top players in the photographic industry have a presence at the trade show. A place where many of them launch new products and you can see products that you didn't even know existed and touch base with existing suppliers. Everything from cameras and equipment (Ooh - I want one of those Fuji X Pro1's) , wedding albums and framed products, studio lighting and associated products, training, insurance, you name it and it's likely to be there. You can view stunning photography from all the world's top photographers.
Most of all though, just being with all those like minded talented people, energises me for the year to come and inspires me to take my photography to the next level.

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